What is Mobile Racking?

What is Mobile Racking?

For decades building new warehouse facilities and utilizing Static Racking was the default choice for most US companies looking to expand. With real estate prices steadily raising for the past 25 years and budget and permitting approvals requiring long processing times, today more companies continue to look into Mobile Racking as the most convenient way to eliminate forklift aisles, increase the pallet locations and maximize their use of space.

Mobile Racking is a proven solution that has helped companies in Asia and Europe confront their space challenges for over 30 years, in the US however Mobile Racking is still a novelty and many people in the warehouse industry are not sure if is an appropriate solution for their business.

In order to help people better understand its uses, GlideRack has put together the following list with some of the most useful applications of Mobile Racking:

Top 5 Mobile Racking Applications by GlideRack

Long Load and Odd Shaped Material Storage

By using a mobile Cantilever racking system the benefits of both systems come together to offer the most flexible, selective, adaptable and compact system. Ideal for High value items such as custom extrusions, long load raw material and bulky or oddly shaped products like car parts, the Mobile Cantilever Racking system greatly reduces the use of space by eliminating the size and quantity of aisles. The systems can be designed to include rail guidance for using side loader style forklifts. The combination of GlideRack and narrow aisle equipment can in many cases double storage capacity which enhancing throughput.