Mobile Racking

Mobile Racking System

GlideRack Automated Mobile Racking Systems provide high density storage for both storage and pick.
Eliminate static warehouse aisles and increase the storage capacity of an area by up to 100%, with full grade of selectivity.

The systems can be installed in existing or new environments and have been proven worldwide for 25 years with over 1,100 installations.

About GlideRack Mobile Racking
Mobile Racking systems maximize space by leaving only one static forklift travel aisle, reducing needed space to 50%. With over 20 years of design, manufacturing and implementation experience, GlideRack Mobile Racking is the best choice for any kind of warehouse. Seismic applications are also available.

The system consists of PLC controlled mobile bases gliding on floor mounted rails. Standard racking is installed on the bases for maximum storage capacity. The mobile bases are driven by 3-phase motors with reduction gears that transmit torque directly to the drive motors that power the heavy duty wheels.

The entire moving system is controlled by a commonly used PLC. The control system interacts with the plant safety devices to guarantee the operators who control the movement of the mobile bases always work in safe conditions. The energy saving automatic light switch devices can be provided so that the plant is lighted only where working.

The night-time position is particularly useful as it enables the mobile bases to assume positions which create small aisles, thus ensuring correct ventilation of the materials stored when the system is not operational.